E-Coat Roof Coating
Insuladd® E-Coat is a roof paint that is a 100-percent
acrylic product that contains the ceramic paint additive
Insuladd®. It helps you save energy and reduce cooling
bills. It also keeps summer heat out of your home. In
addition to acting as a heat barrier that provides
long-lasting protection, it can smooth over minor surface
imperfections while protecting against driving rain and
keeping moisture out of your home or business.

  • Saves energy by reducing cooling demands.
  • High Impact Resistance.
  • Resistant to atmospheric pollution.
  • Provides a stable range of temperatures over wide
  • Non-toxic & environmentally friendly.
  • Remains intact on flexible surfaces.
  • Excellent crack bridge.
  • Exceptional film durability.
  • Resistant to UV degradation.
  • Bonds well to a wide range of surfaces.
  • Gloss retention & Mildew resistant.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Rapid drying for quick re-coating.
  • Easy cleanup with soap and water.
Energy Star
5 gallon (1 Pail). One pail covers 625 square feet / 58.1 square meters per coat.
Applications to new and existing roofs, sidings, and other surfaces on a wide range of
substrates such as:

•Precast and in-situ concrete
•Smooth masonry
•Plaster and smooth stucco
•Fibre-cement and GRC panels
•Sprayed PU foam
•Bituminous sheeting and coatings
•Galvanised steel and alum sheeting
•Fibreglass and plastic water tanks
•Most previously painted surfaces
Uses of Insuladd E-Coat Roof Coatings in Puerto Rico

Insuladd® E-Coat Roof Coat is ideal for areas subject to moisture because E-Coat is a
moisture barrier and waterproof coating. E-Coat not only acts as a heat barrier, but also
protects against damaging moisture condensation problems. This elastomeric coating is
ideally suited for application to steel sided buildings, steel roofs, concrete and cement block
structures. Insuladd® E-Coat is highly effective in Puerto Rico due to it's hot climate,
substantially reducing cooling demand. The product is safe, non-toxic and environmentally
friendly. Insuladd® ceramic paint additive can be used to quickly and easily insulate buildings
and structures that would otherwise be very difficult or impossible to insulate with more
traditional methods.

Energy Savings - Insuladd E-Coat will help you save on energy costs.

Labour Savings - Is applied by paint brush, roller or spray gun and does not require any
specialist equipment. The time needed to coat the structure is also reduced, as a single coat
dries in 2-3 hours for re-coating.

Lightweight - Insuladd E-Coat provides the thermal properties required but has a mass of only
0.73kg/m². Being much lighter than traditional insulation boards, it is ideally suited to areas
that would not be able to withstand any large weight loading, such as lightweight roofs or thin
sheet panels.

Superior Flexibility - Can flex over a wide temperature range (even bend 90° at -37°C). Its
durability and flexibility makes it ideal for surfaces that will bend or move through flexing or
expansion and contraction due to heating and cooling. It will elongate, bend and recover with
the surface without cracking or flaking, thus ensuring that the surface will remain coated and
protected at all times.

Ultraviolet Blocker - Insuladd E-Coat blocks solar ultraviolet radiation allowing less harmful UV
rays to reach the living and working areas of a building.
How E-Coat works

Insuladd® E-Coat insulating roof paint and insulating wall paint contains tiny Insuladd
ceramic micro-spheres of 30-100 microns in diameter. These tiny microspheres act as highly
efficient thermal barriers that reflect radiant against heat, this actual happens even before the
Insuladd® E-Coat and Insuladd® ceramic paint additive dries.

A highly efficient radiant barrier greatly improves your roof insulation or attic insulation. This is
created by the microspheres coming closer together as the coating dries, until they eventually
touch each other forming a single, very thin, thermal barrier.

This barrier reflects, refracts and dissipates heat, thereby keeping it out of the structure during
the hot summer months.

The Insuladd® microspheres are extremely strong and lightweight, the ceramic particles add
very little weight but substantially increase the strength of the coating.


  • Interior Walls & Ceilings
  • Exterior Walls
  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Roofs


  • Metal Buildings
  • Metal Roofs
  • Between Wood Studs
  • Concrete Walls


  • Farm Outbuildings
  • Grain Silos
  • Water Tanks


  • Tank and pipe coating
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