Don't just paint ...
Add to Any Paint!
NASA Technology
Available to You
Use Heat Reflecting Paint!
Insuladd Paint Additive is a unique blend of
ceramic microspheres designed to be mixed into
ordinary paints and reduce heat gain (heat
absorption) in homes and buildings.

Puerto Rico is a very hot country, but Insuladd will
help decrease the amount of heat that is absorbed
by the walls, ceilings and roofs, making your paint
act as a radiant barrier.

Insulating Paint Powder Turns Every Color “Green”: No one states it clearer than NASA.

"The answer is paint that includes an insulating powder that originated at NASA. Widely used on
commercial and residential structures, it transforms any color of paint into an environmentally
friendly insulation barrier that saves energy and cost.

The solution is simple: mix the powder into any color of interior or exterior paint, then break out
the brushes. When spread on walls, ceilings, and roofs, it creates a barrier that deflects the
sun's heat away from the house, plus it helps keep heating and air conditioning where they
belong. This reduced need for energy is not only cost-effective, but also a kindness to the
Fusion Energy Planners is the exclusive Insuladd distributor for Puerto Rico.
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